LAST WEEK       That is the end



       That is the end of the looong road..        
          I had a lot of prejudice about this course at the beginning. There were a lot of things that we have to do but we did not know how to do. In addition, we are 4th year student. I mean we have many lessons and there are many things that we should do,there wasn not enough time.. Thereupon, I said “that puts the lid on it and What this course will benefit us”. 
ow, I know many things about using internet and I know how I teach English by using technology thanks to this lesson and our teacher. Also, we learned about some applications and tools that we can use in teaching English in the future. I think that they will facilitate my works and also I am ashamed because I said this lesson was useless :/  but I think that this lesson should be 3th year lesson,then it will be more effective.
        Finally, thanks to my friends and my dear teacher for everthing.. we have wonderful memories and we had great time during the 4 years.
           I hope everthing will be good for all of us.. Take care of yourself  🙂


It was our last course and our final topic  is “weebly”. It is a site for creating a website for free. We can visit to create an account. It is very easy to use. We can create some pages about whatever we want and add videos. We can also use it for our students in the future and we want our students to create an their own account, maybe it can be interesting and enjoyable for them.


STORYTELLING ( MovieMaker-StoryJumper)

          We learned  about making a story by using movie maker and storyjumper website. I think they are very enjoyable programs but they require some occupation. I used moviemaker for storytelling before but storyjumper is very new for me. On storyjumper, you can create your own online story book that has a lot of features. You can use prepared things in it or you can prepare something new.  Also, you can recommend to your students to use it because It is very easy to use and very usefull for teaching/learning  English. And I am sure they will like it. Moreover, they are more fun, when they compare their books with each other . On the other hand, movie  maker .. It is also interesting and enjoyable but  more complicated.

I think that both programs are also useful for language learning and teaching. It can be used for all levels of students and it will be very interesting and enjoyable activity for them.


Topic was online groups.
At the beginning of the lesson, teacher asked us we were a member of ant online groups or not. Then, he mentioned about online groups. They are very usefull tools to colloborate with other peoples. He gave information about Yahoo Groups and Facebook Groups.. these days many people use facebook. they are really easy to get and they have group chats.In these groups, people  can add a text, comment on something or  post a video. And yahoo is a group that  people meet  and work together around the world. We can aslo use them on English teaching. After all, there are a lot of groups for English Teaching and English Teachers.
I am a member of one of them;

Money can buy happiness, can’t it ?


“Money can’t buy happiness” is the old saying. All of us think like that. It isn’t really true according to Michael Norton. He makes a compelling argument to the contrary. He thinks that the problem is that we are spending our money on the wrong things. He also gives some examples and speaks about some natural experiments( what happens to people when they have money). Some of them are interesting and some others are ridiculous.
I mean it is an inspiring talk. He says “If you think money can’t buy happiness, you are’t sprending it right.” I agree with him. I think that it feels good to sprend Money on people you care about and especially people who really need some support. It will make you feel better and happier. The same amount of money spent on yourself could not make you happier as if you spend it on somebody else.
On the other hand, in our country, most people are struggling to make a living. Many of them can not afford their hospitalization costs , they can not buy a house , they can not get access to fresh food and they can not provide a fine education to their children . Many people do not have regular jobs . They make money by hard physical labor .. Under this condition I do not think they will be happier if they use their money to things for other people. I also agree these people. İt may sound like selfishness to you but I think when I really make money myself without hard labor, I will consider using my money to help poor people. I will think about using my money to help others after I can give my family and myself healthy and living conditions .
It is a hard choice 🙂 Life is difficult for many of us but just, sometimes, think not only about yourselves…

The challenges of the last semester.. :))

         Firstly, I should admit that I was shocked when I heard things which  I am responsible for. I am stil worried about this course because there are a lot of new programs but I don’t know anything about them and also I am not good at using computer. Yani, I know I will have some difficulties. In addition,I think timing is very bad. We are last year students and we have a lot of things to do, I have a lot of fears. If this course was taught to us in previous years, I am sure I would be more enthusiastic.

         On the other hand, I want to use this technology to teach english in the future. I don’t want to be one of “classic” English teachers. I realized that this course will give a chance to develop  ourselves about using technology. Shortly, this course will take many times but add a lot of things to our career in future.

         Finally, I hope that we will learn a lot of new things that are useful for teaching language and I hope that we will make a good  job . 🙂